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Companies have different needs, different cash flow patterns, different – sometimes irregular – streams of income. Therefore, your business conditions – cash flow, specific equipment needs, tax situation – dictate the terms and conditions of the lease. Regardless of the current interest rate environment, you’ll be able to acquire equipment.CASH FLOW MANAGEMENT
Leasing keeps your lines of credit open, so you don’t tie up your cash in equity. Also, you avoid costly down payments. With other advantages such as off-balance-sheet financing, leasing helps you better manage your assets and liabilities.


The Lessor realizes the depreciation benefits, enabling you to deduct rental payments as regular operation expenses. Moreover, if you are subject to the alternative minimum tax, you benefit because lease payments are not considered as tax preference items.

  • TrueTrac Leasing
  • Loans
  • Terms: $10,000 to $99,999 2 to 5 years —- $100,000 and over 2 to 7 years
  • Payments: Monthly, Monthly Skip, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, Annual, and Harvest Plans
  • Residuals/Balloons: $1.00 to 30%
  • Fixed Rates
  • No Blanket Liens


Packing Equipment, Food Processing Equipment, Tractors, Harvesters, Trucks/Autos, Buses, Over-the-road Tractors, Trailers, Computers, Computer Software, Metal Buildings, Portable Buildings, Office furniture, Office Equipment, Dairy Equipment (Feed stalls, Feeder, Mixers, Milking Equipment), Construction Equipment.


  • New drip system for pistachio and almond orchards. The drip system reduced his water and fertilizer consumption.
  • New packing equipment for a stone fruit and orange packinghouse replacing older equipment. The additional speed and increased volume of fruit packed will just about make the payment on the equipment.
  • New bank of computers and software.
  • Mainline water pipe to transport water to various parts of the farm for mixing with district water. With water shortages in the future, this will supply enough water for crops in future years.
  • John Deere tractors to a custom operator who is revolving his equipment prior to the 5,000 hour extended warranty.
  • Water truck to a paving contractor. The savings of renting a water truck will make the monthly payment.
  • Grape harvesters to a custom grape harvester replacing older units. The new units are faster, more efficient, and with less breakdowns during the season.
  • Natural gas engines for large farmer converting his electrical and diesel engines on his water wells. His savings, after lease payment, fuel and maintenance, was less than 50% of his pumping costs.
  • Larger feed wagon for expansion on their dairy.

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